Do you know that you have probably used our products prior to visiting this website? You see, virtually every innovative product from the Netherlands contains a solution by Avek Haarlem.

  • Our customers, that maintain the railways, for many years are using the springs of Avek Haarlem.

  • From greenhouse construction to tools for the tomatoe industry. Avek Haarlem helps the customers achieve their goals.

  • The transition from gas to other ways of heating is in full progress. Avek gladly helps her customers.

  • Also in this branche makes use of the expertise of Avek Haarlem. for if something needs to be hold in place, or be adjustable.

  • Washing machines, Dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, boiling water tap, coffee machines. In the most diverse devices you will find our sollutions.

  • The aircraft themselves as a mode of transport, as well as the maintenance equipment contains parts made by Avek Haarlem.

  • For the automotive market, Avek Haarlem creates diverse parts for end products.

  • From clamps, torsion springs to the springs for the fittings. De springs of Avek Haarlem are being used for many applications in the lighting industry.