Leaf springs & die cutting

The leaf springs we make are used for the most diverse applications. There is no single definition to describe the action of a leaf spring. The design of the spring determines its application purpose.
Avek Haarlem offers various production options. As such, we are capable of (semi-) automated production of smaller runs and fully automated production of larger runs.
Smaller runs are usually produced the traditional way. That is to say, by hand with universal (auxiliary) tools, while large runs are produced with follow-on tools, cutting punches, bending dies, or on our multi-slide machines.
We can process strip thicknesses of up to 3 millimetres depending on the type of material. Avek Haarlem can also offer various options for the finish of leaf springs. For example, tempering, drumming, or giving the springs a surface treatment.
Avek Haarlem only produces client-specific products. In consultation with you, we look for the right solution for your application by designing a customised spring. We use our knowledge and experience to translate your challenge into successful solutions.

Our products find their way to the following sectors:

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