Viridi Circulair

I encountered Avek Haarlem at the Hannover Messe 5 years ago. I had an idea at that time and approached Avek Haarlem to help me turn this idea into a reality.

Plastic “truss brackets” are now often used in tomato cultivation to assist with the development of tomato trusses. Very effective, but the plastic “truss brackets” end up in the plant waste and are rather difficult to remove from it. My idea was to make these brackets from metal so they can be separated from green waste.

“Avek Haarlem and their engineering department provided us with excellent assistance in conceiving the first models, after which I perfected the product myself.”

We naturally entered into a partnership with Avek Haarlem to start production of the Cropcurv, as this metal bracket is known.

Serge van der Goes

Director, Viridi Circulair