The team

AVEK Haarlem is a family-run company that is proud of its whole team. Because everyone here eventually becomes part of our family. We work together every day to make the very best products for you. Everyone feels responsible for our success and actively contributes to the best result in their own way. Our colleagues work closely together and utilise one another’s expertise to grow and to excel. Many have been working for the company for years, if not decades. Such loyality and engagement is unique, but it is completely normal for us.

View the team below.

ing. Dennis Abels


Rene Verra

Sales office

Melanie Koster

Sales administrator

Mark Reker

Production manager

Chantal van Merkesteijn

Planning/ Procurement

Robin Holwerda

Quality controller

Thomas Bakker

Junior Engineer

Linda Abels

HR & Finance manager

Years of service

40+ years

R. de Bruin

30 – 40 years

A. Kedde

P. Drost

M. van Eerden

J. Nijssen

R. Holwerda

P. Boukes

25 – 30 years

R. van der Brugge

S. de Bruin – van der Sluijs

A. Joosten

M. Wassink – Koster

R. Verra

20 – 25 years

D. A. Abels

O. Yildirim

10 – 20 years

D. Horeman

L. van der Voorn

L. Abels – van Beek

5 – 10 years


M. Reker

R.J. Hubert

E.A.M. van der Vooren

0 – 5 years

H. Haver

J. Aarts

S. Stuart

T. Bakker

F. Opdam

K. van de Pol

P. Boelhouwers

L. Waij

P. van Dijk

C. van Merkesteijn

D. Stuiver

D. Dytko