A spring is a metal object that can absorb, store, and release energy. A spring is usually used for linear movement (from top to bottom or vice versa) under the influence of an externally applied force such as pressure. The spring then exerts an opposing force in the form of resistance by trying to return to its original shape.
This property is not only acquired through its shape (usually a coil), but also by using materials with elastic properties, such as spring steel, phosphor bronze, and Inconel. These are high-carbon (2% or more) metals; the higher the carbon content in a metal, the harder it is, making it more difficult to deform. A spring can also be used to dampen externally released energy.

In addition to springs, we produce many other strip and wire products. These include control rods for shock absorbers, cover plates for various applications, and a variety of wire forms. Our products are fabricated from a wide range of high-quality materials. Contact us today to discuss the options for your specific requirements.

Our production lines are suitable for both small and large production series. We have the right production method available to manufacture any product you may need. From semi-automatic production to fully equipped production lines with vision systems which monitor your order from start to finish. These systems are monitored by dedicated professionals with specialist knowledge and an eye for detail.


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