AVEK Haarlem is a family business and is proud of its entire team. Everyone here becomes part of the family. We work together every day to bring you the best possible product. Everyone feels responsible for the company’s success in their own way, and they actively contribute to the optimum results. Our colleagues work in a close-knit team, using each other’s expertise to grow and excel. Many have been with our company for years, or even decades. This degree of loyalty and involvement is extraordinary, but to us it is the most normal thing in the world.

See our team below.

Dennis Abels

ing. Dennis Abels

C.E.O. / Director

Ron Abels

Ron Abels

Commercial Director

Jeroen Lammers

ing. Jeroen Lammers

Technical Salesmanager

Jasper Schaftenaar

ing. Jasper Schaftenaar

Project Engineer

Rene Verra

Rene Verra


Evert Veldmeijer


Hans Reker

Quality Manager

Robin Holwerda

Quality Controller

Melanie Koster

Administrative Assistant

Linda Abels

Financial Manager

Nel Abels

Human Resources

Jason Post

Quality Engineer

Mark Reker

Production Manager

Overview of employment

0 - 5 years5 - 10 years10 - 20 years
H HaverE.A.M. van derVoorenJ.T.A. Lammers
B. LambertsE.J. VeldmeijerL.P.M. van der Voorn
C. van MerkesteijnR.J. HubertDennis Abels
J. SneekL. Abels - van BeekN. Abels - Pastijn
E.C. SluitersD. Horeman-
j Post--
M. Reker--
J Schaftenaar--
M.W. Leutholff--
20-25 years25-30 years30 - 40 years40 - 55 years
O. YildirimR.J. van der BruggeP.J. BoukesR. Abels
M. Wassink - KosterA.T. JoostenJ.L.M. NijssenP. van Amsterdam
S. deBruin - van der SluijsR.J. VerraM. van EerdenJ. Reker
--R. Holwerda-
--P.J. Drost-
--A. Kedde-
--R. de Bruin-
--H.G.M. Assendelft-

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