AVEK 50 years

By 8 January 2016News

We write June 1966. 3 men start in a garage making feathers on a small lathe. After the feathers were delivered and paid, there was again money to buy material for the next order. 50 years ago Avek Haarlem was founded by 3 men. The Lord Abels Falcon And Cups.

Now for 50 years, it is a completely different situation. 33 employees in the Netherlands, a production site in Bulgaria and the most modern machines.
Avek Haarlem has now exported 40% to countries like Mexico, China, USA, Korea and, of course, various countries in Europe.

By the end of 2016 we will offer a variety of customers and invited guests in the kitchen through an open day. Check out our website or link our facebook page.

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Email: info@avek-haarlem.com